Steel Frame

Star Steel is known for its lightweight, durable and sustainable steel frames, be it for purposes of floor framing, steel deck framing, steel roof trussing, or steel wall framing. Built from the renowned TRUECORE steel, our steel framing solutions are built upon the foundations of customizability, versatility, and rapidity. Completely termite-resistant, heat-resistant and 100% recyclable, the light gauge steel frames from Star Steel are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated as per your unique requirements, no matter how precise the intricacies might be. 

Steel frames provide durability and strength at a lower cost than other building materials, both on monetary as well as monetary levels. Our warranty schemes as well as the low maintenance nature of steel frames add to their cost-effectiveness. Our expert team of engineers excel at the craft of planning designs, implementing frames and aiding in on-site support for any peripheral activities. The Star Steel family also include third-party entities that can help out with membrane fitting, waterproofing and other construction-level activities that might be necessitated by Australian standards. 

Let’s build the future, together.

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