Light Gauge Steel Frames Installation

Light Gauge Steel Frames Installation

Light steel framing comprises structural frames manufactured using steel sections made of cold form. Light gauge framing is used across structures encompassing floor joists, non-load bearing (interior) walls, load-bearing (exterior) walls, steel roof trusses and curtain walls. These kinds of steel sections are lightweight but are galvanised and high tensile. With advanced technology, construction procedures have advanced. The advent of Bushfire is a very common misfortune in Australian construction, a challenging task where resources are heavily wasted. TRUECORE® steel is an advanced technology where zinc/magnesium/aluminium alloy is laminated with a blue-resin finish surface. It is a type of structural steel heavily used in Australian construction sites. Structural steel fabrication is done heavily by us at Star Steel. At Star Steel, we manufacture, supply and install light gauge frame steel to cater to the construction needs and cope with the limitations laid on the Australian construction scenario.

Why light gauge steel

At Star Steel, we use TRUECORE® light gauge steel, a well-structured alloy coated steel manufactured to meet Australian standards. One of the major benefits of using light gauge steel is the superior corrosion resistance which can withstand the test of time. It is also flexible and can be used to fabricate and engineer to suit any desired design. Moreover, it helps the architects design creatively, allowing them the flexibility to design and create designs without any limitations. The light gauge steel is non-combustible, which helps against the bushfire and allows the construction in areas of such risk. Thus, using the light gauge steel in the bushfire risk area we reduce the risk of spreading of fire and destruction of the property completely. Other features include recyclability, being termite-proof, and with the whopping 20 years of warranty, you can rest assured that we have covered you.

We at Star Steel use light gauge steel for construction because it has surpassed the limitation of using traditional construction materials effectively. There are several benefits of installing light gauge frame steel. These are:

Installation of light gauge structural steel framing

We at Star Steel install light gauge steel frames adhering to the Australian construction standards of AS/NZS 4600, steel structures of cold form. We adhere to AS 3623 for metal framing for domestic purposes. Light gauge steel is manufactured by rolling steel via a string of dies which is different from the hot structural steel frames. Such a procedure does not need the heat of any sort to shape. The thickness of the structural steel framing lies in-between 1-8mm. Light gauge steel sheet is nourished through continuous coils with the help of machines at a normal temperature which cold-work the manufactured metal and fold it into different structural shapes. These linear manufacturing members are strong and stiff.

The installation of the light gauge structural steel framing has three significant processes. We at Star Steel begin with designing a detailed map of the desired design using the best in the market software. Once the design is approved, we start the structural steel fabrication process; we use state-of-the-art technology then the framing is created using the precise results. Once the QA has approved them, the light gauge steel is shipped to be used as desired, such as for structural steel framing. These structural steel framings can be used in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing procedures. The key to beginning the installation on site is choosing the fastener best suited for the job in order to keep it minimalistic. The usage of TRUECORE® light gauge steel makes them an easy replacement for wood studs and single tracks, which can be used to replace the top and bottom wood plates in the structural steel framing.

With our light gauge steel frame installation, we are able to deliver excellent construction projects over the year in different types. It helped in ramping up the construction pace while managing the budget effectively. TRUECORE® steel is able to provide next level durability while creating minimum impact on the environment.

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