Steel Coils

Steel Coils

Steel coils are the flattened metal which has been rolled or coiled alongside the width of the sheet, which is much greater than its thickness. In today’s time, steel coils are used by a lot of industries, especially the construction sector. Steel coils are great for the construction industry as they are the ideal type of metal for building steel frames, steel trusses, walls, roof panels, and other construction undertakings. Australians have been known to thrive in harsh conditions, and to help with that, the usage of steel coils has been prominent in their construction sites. We at Star Steel strive to provide our customers with the best quality steel coils, which have helped transform the Australian construction scenario since its inception. Our Steel coils can be used for different uses. Such as:

  • Automotive parts
  • Electronic equipment
  • Pipe manufacturing
  • Metal-imprinted parts
  • Structural steel members

The steel coils delivered to our customers are made from high-quality TRUECORE® light steel. Our steel coils are made with activate technology. It is a zinc/aluminium/magnesium alloy varnished structural steel with a distinctive surface of a blue resin finish. Our steel coils are manufactured by adhering to every applicable Australian standard and are known for our consistency and quality.

Core Benefits of Steel Coils

According to the data published by the Australian government, the bushfires of 2019/2020 have caused damage to a whopping 4.3 million hectares of conservation land across the country. These frequent bushfires have created a debate about the use of steel frames vs timber frame to prevent the housing damages caused by the usage of timber.Using our TRUECORE® steel coils for constructing your dream buildings provides you with a series of benefits. These are:

  • Disaster resistant and termite-proof
  • Fire resistant
  • Light steel for portability
  • Versatility and strength
  • Efficient and eco-friendly
  • Mental peace warranty
  • Effective storage

Why choose Star Steel?

At Star Steel, all our steel coils are made of TRUECORE® steel, the most durable, sustainable and versatile steel in Australia. The steel coils are manufactured using light gauge steel, which can be used in any desired way. Our light gauge steel coils are cold-pressed and highly durable. We take pride in the warranty we provide for our steel coils, as they are galvanised and will not rust over a long period, ensuring customer satisfaction.  Below are the advantages which make the StarSteel steel coils the best choice.


With the increase in global temperatures this year, Australia's highest recorded temperature was about 50.6 degrees Celsius (126 Fahrenheit). The TRUECORE® steel provides the best steel coils in the market which can endure these harsh conditions.

Compact Dimensions ease of use

The steel coils are thin yet strong and can be rolled up and used for any desired application while undertaking construction. They can help the structure's stability and versatility to give it sound integrity.

Portability and storage

Unlike timber carrying and transporting steel coils is easy. It is not just the transportation where these shine through, but they can also be stored for a longer duration if there are unused, unlike timber which will decay if left unchecked for a longer time.


Most steel coils created by the TRUECORE® steel are made using light gauge steel. The light steel coils produced by the light gauge steel can withstand the extreme Australian conditions making them the best choice for construction.

Environmental Effect

Unlike timber, the steel is environmentally friendly as no unused byproducts are left post-production. Moreover, steel doesn't require heavy maintenance or repairs post-installation, making them last longer than timber.

Types of Steel Coils

We at Star Steel spoil our customers with different types of steel coils to choose from. The wide array of steel coils varies according to their production method. Our collection comprises:

  • Hot-rolled coil
  • Cold-rolled sheet in coil form
  • Stainless steel coils
  • Carbon coils


The Star Steel light gauge steel coils can be used for various purposes, from ideal for constructing houses to creating heat sinks for electrical equipment and automotive parts. 

Steel coils are manufactured from finished steel material like strip or sheet which has been coiled or wound after rolling. The width of such is larger than its thickness. Steel coils are classified as cold-rolled, galvanised, or hot rolled, depending on their production procedure.

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