Steel is the most sustainable metal on earth. It is a wonder metal that can be recycled infinitely without any depletion of quality and composition. Over 630 million tons of steel are recycled every year. Steel is used in every sector of the economy, be it construction, machinery, transportation, household products, etc. Australia accounts for some of the largest carbon footprints on the planet as far as countries go, and the construction sector is a major contributor to the same. Studies conducted in the later part of the 2010s found that the constructions sector makes up 18% of the total national carbon footprint. In such a scenario, it is the responsibility of both builders as well as house owners to opt for materials that can reduce the damage that we are currently doing to our one and only planet.

Why is steel sustainable?


Steel is a cradle-to-cradle recycled metal because it is an alloy made of different metals, just like copper and aluminum. The ideal method of recycling steel is by treating scrap waste from different articles. This is followed by melting the scrap in a furnace and solidifying it into sheets for utilization. This can be done limitlessly without compromising on quality.


Production of steel leaves behind minimum wastage and pollutants. This keeps the air and the surroundings cleaner than the production of other raw materials such as plastic, cement, etc. It has high resistance to adverse conditions, this prevents erosion and reaction to different atmospheric situations such as humidity and rainfall. It considerably leaves lesser carbon footprints.


As described above, steel can be recycled countlessly, which means that it can be used again and again for different purposes and articles. 100% of the steel can be used in any way desired be it in the manufacturing industry, household industry, automobile industry, or construction. This can be done simply by shaping it and giving it the form you desire.


Using steel is highly economical as it can be reused and you don’t need to spend to procure it every time. Also, the production of steel is considerably economical, you just melt it and solidify it, and no more raw materials need to be added. Steel is one of the most durable materials, so it has a longer shelf life than the other, adding to its economical nature.

How do we get you added sustainability with our steel solutions?

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