Structural Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Detailing

City limits are constantly growing at a rapid pace, and now vertical expansion seems like the only solution. But this comes with its issues: they should be strong enough or, in more technical terms, they need sustainable architecture supported by a solid structural steel detailing process. Whether it is a residential or commercial building, plants, elevators or bridge, structural steel detailing is crucial to the development process of the architecture. But what does structural steel detailing mean? 

Structural steel detailing is the planning and creation of structural shop drawings that works as a reference document for steel fabricators. Based on this design or blueprint, Star Steel produces shop and sectional drawings and erects steel members like steel trusses, beams, columns and more. So, in simpler terms, the steel fabricator of Star Steel’s job is to interpret the structural engineering drawings and understand the overall design of a particular building or structure. Using this knowledge, they create a set of accurate drawings for the structural steel framing process. 

There are two main drawings in the structural steel detailing process:

  • Shop drawing is a detailed drawing specifying every minute aspect of an individual piece of steel like columns, beams, steel trusses, etc. The steel fabricator needs to include various parts of the process like materials specification, surface specs, welding, etc. The shop drawing does not have specifications about the steel components’ erection and installation. 
  • Erection drawing explains the plans with dimensions and instructs the location of every steel component within the complete architecture. Unlike shop drawings, erection drawings have detailed information about each component’s placement, installation requirements, and other miscellaneous works like installing bolts, welding spots and more. 

Importance of Structural Steel Detailing Process

Structural steel detailing has been labelled as a crucial process in every type of construction. It is vital to develop structural steel detailing for big projects so that the structural steel frames are equipped to withstand wear and tear of time, stay protected from natural calamities and do not collapse. Structural steel is known for its durability and quality. Because of this, it is most widely used in architecture such as commercial and high-value residential buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, shipbuilding, etc. 

Star Steel has been a popular name in the steel industry, earning quite a reputation for its standard quality products. The structural steel sector is a new development for our company, but even then, we assist architects in different construction phases. Star steel’s professional steel fabricators are highly skilled at their job with a comprehensive technical knowledge of drawing site maps and blueprints, beams, column positioning, fabrication details and more. Their technical knowledge also recognises the objective of different structures and complex design problems. After studying their maximum load-bearing requirement, Star Steel’s expert steel fabricators also suggest solutions or improvisations to the designs that positively affect the construction process. 

Where Is The Structural Steel Detailing Process Used?

The structural steel detailing process is used during construction to create designs, calculate costs, and provide production details. It is also used to measure how much load the steel frame will be able to bear. However, this manual process has been replaced now by technology where the computer generates drawings using software designed exclusively for this. The graphic is printed on paper when the structural steel fabrication is complete. Despite this being a computer-generated process, all information like numbering and quantities are manually fed into the system.  

What Kind Of Steel Is Used In Structural Steel Fabrication?

Star Steel uses TRUECORE steel from BlueScope for all its steel frame buildings because of its robust and straight shape. Due to these factors, TRUECORE steel does not bend or warp over time, nor does it catch fire. It makes them extremely popular in Australia because bushfires are constantly occurring in the country, which sometimes spread and ravage residential areas. The biggest example is the 2020 great Australian bushfire, where more than 3000 houses were demolished, according to government reports.

Moreover, TRUECORE steel’s feature of staying straight and erect for years makes it the perfect replacement for wood beams which change their shape over time or get infested with termites. TRUCORE steel is also known for being termite and borer proof. 

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