Structural Steel Supply

Structural Steel Supply

Even today, the Aussie housing landscape prefers materials like brick and timber. Although these materials were sufficient to build strong and good houses in the past, they are no longer feasible with the increase in bush fires. According to statistics from the Australian government, the 2020 bushfire destroyed over 3000 houses; this is the report for just one year. Along with the large tracts of forest cover lost, the housing timber lost in the fire also contributes to the subsequent deforestation. That is where structural steel comes in.

Structural steel is a type of steel used to make construction material in various shapes like L-beam, Z shape, L shape, C-beam, cross-section, T shape, rail profile, HSS shape and more. Star Steel manufactures TRUECORE structural steel. It is an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coated structural steel with a distinct blue resin surface finish. TRUECORE is used to manufacture steel frames, steel trusses, steel wall framing and more for residential and commercial buildings like multi-unit dwellings, schools and care facilities. They are durable, straight and precise, meaning TRUCORE structural steel will not flex or warp over time, nor will they catch fire. The last property alone makes them a popular and sensible choice for Australia, where bushfires are quite frequent.

Supporting the Local Structural Steel Sector

In the current economic climate, it is extremely important to support the local steel industry. According to statistics, the Australian steel industry generates over $29 billion in annual revenue and is an integral part of the Australian economy. Australia has two steel producers, over 300 steel distribution outlets, and several engineering, fabrication and manufacturing companies. Star Steel supplies structural steel members for big and important constructions where regular steel frames are not enough. While we source our materials from imported suppliers to provide quality steel frames, we also support our local community of suppliers and include them in the supply as well.

How Can You Obtain Star Steel’s Structural Steel Supply?

Structural steel is mainly used by builders working on commercial projects like malls, hotels, roads, bridges, railway tracks, etc. While Star Steel is still relatively new in this area, we have a strong presence in the steel industry. Star Steel’s functional areas include frame steel, steel trusses, structural steel fabrication, steel deck framing and more. We provide high-strength steel frames and trusses at affordable rates, and currently, we are tendering on various tendering portals like Estimate One and more, from where you can get our structural steel supply.


Mild steel or regular steel is used to make vehicle bodies, food cans and building parts for various items. On the other hand, structural steel is used to construct mid-rise buildings. Another difference between the two kinds of steel is that structural steel also has higher carbon content than mild steel. The latter can be moulded explicitly into shapes and structures using a shaper and boring machines. Structural steel, meanwhile, is manufactured through warmth and mechanical medicines.

Structural steel is a type of carbon steel that is exceptionally versatile, and by weight, it has up to 2.1% carbon content.

In the battle between steel frames vs timber frames, steel is definitely stronger and lighter than timber. It is also more cost-effective to assemble a steel frame. They are resistant to twisting and warping, giving straighter finishes to the roofs, walls and ceilings. Moreover, timber frames can rot over time which will weaken the overall building structure. Unlike steel frames, timber frames do not provide acoustic insulation.   

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