Wall Frames

Wall Frames

As Australians, we prize our tradition and often find ourselves living in the past. This is especially true of the construction material that we prefer for our homes. Currently, materials like brick and timber continue to be the most commonly used materials across the Aussie housing landscape. This nostalgic adherence to the past comes to a price, both of our communities as well as the planet. As per official statistics released by the Australian government, over 3000 houses were devoured by bushfires in 2020 alone, a tragedy that owes a lot to the choice of building material. With large tracts of land cover lost due to bushfires, timber further contributes to loss of forest cover while also generating over 2.3 million tonnes of waste annually. It is time for a change! When it comes to the question of steel frames vs timber frames or other material choices, the former are the safer and more sustainable option by a long shot. Steel frames providing both increased resistance to environmental pressures while also reducing waste generation exponentially.

Core Benefits of Steel Wall Framing


The wall frame steel we utilize is 100% recyclable, resulting in virtually zero waste generation. The manufacturing process behind our steel frames are also optimized to ensure minimum usage of fresh water, keeping in mind the valuable need for the same in several communities across Australia. Our wall frames are also designed to minimize noise generation after installation, even when it comes to the potential movement that occurs due to temperature changes, thereby ensuring both safety and serenity within the home.


The wall frames from Star Steel are 100% termite and borer proof and completely eliminate the need for treatment with any type of insecticide. The TRUECORE® frame steel used in our wall frames also ensures high thermal resistance as well as moisture protection, which in turn provides tight dimensional tolerances. The infusion of magnesium into the aluminium/zinc alloy coating of our wall frames make them much more durable than other similar steel products.


TRUECORE® steel is a highly versatile material that can customized as per your requirements, no matter what type of structure might be required. Our steel frames are also designed to blend and work perfectly with other materials, such as plastic, timber and brick, giving existing structures increased strength and durability.


Our steel frames are designed to provide a path of least resistance through grounding, a feature that makes them especially safe during thunderstorms, especially in the cyclone-prone northern regions of Australia. Due to the higher energy dissipation capability of steel, these frames are much safer than non-conductive materials during the event of a lightning strike. The high thermal resistance of our frame steel also makes it a good structural choice in the case of bushfire prone regions.

The Star Steel Advantage


Our wall frames are compatible with most common building materials, such as brick and timbre, but prolonged direct contact with other materials such as lead, copper, stainless steel, brass, high carbon-black containing polymers, and treated timbre (CCA) or green timbre is to be avoided. These incompatible materials must be separated from the wall frames through electrical isolation or other methods.

Warranty is not granted in a few specific exceptional cases, such as:

  • If steel framing installation occurs within 300m of marine/coastal areas
  • If adequate measures are not undertaken for separating the wall frames from the external environment
  • If incompatible dissimilar materials are used for fasteners
  • If adequate separation from prolonged exposure to moisture is not undertaken

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