As per recent studies, at least one in 5 Australian homes is likely to suffer from a termite attack, with the repair or rebuilding cost a financial disaster. Lightning is another major part of the Australian weather, especially fuelled by both the common coastal storms and the bush fires here. Steel trusses, by virtue of their impeccable design and high quality material choice, act as a one-stop solution against both these stressors. The best part is that these frames do not require any toxic chemical treatment like other framing products. At Star Steel, we recommend trusses over timber as they are a safer and more sustainable option considering their long-term durability and versatility. The steel trusses also offer better resistance to environmental pressures and reduce waste generation to a great extent.

Benefits of steel frames and trusses


Additionally, steel trusses allow you to do your bit towards the environment. Steel is a material that is 100% recyclable, and when fabricators prepare the steel structure, the material that they use is at least 90% recycled. You can find the same in our steel trusses installation guide.


When you go for steel truss installation, you can increase the roof's age. It's mainly because our steel is quite durable. It lasts longer with perfect coating and can bear high pressure and stress. In addition, steel has a highly resistant nature that makes it resistant to fire and becomes a good conduit during lightning strikes.

Termite Proof

Our steel frame trusses ensure that you do not experience pest and termite problems to which timber is greatly suspectable. The material is sturdy and reliable enough to withstand large-scale infestations.

Strong and durable

Thanks to the precise engineering and natural properties of our steel, you can be assured of shrink-free accurate construction that reduces the chances of cracked cornices. Our trusses are designed for long life, and the structural integrity ensures trouble-free extensions.

Design flexibility

The structural strength of our steel is an architect's dream, and when you choose our trusses, you can be assured of better innovation, personalization, and a longer span. It is perfect for the sought-after open plan living of today.

Common types of steel trusses

The Northlight

This type of trust is mainly known as Northlight due to its placement setup. The steel structure mostly features a triangle shape with a long gentle slope and a short slope. The short side faces in the north direction generally. This structure is perfect for workshop buildings.

The Pratt

The structure is also known as the N design due to its shape. When the structure is assembled, different chords are welded to a single chord in the Pratt design. Furthermore, the single cord is attached from the top of one vertical court to the bottom of another. The structure is ideal for bridges.


A scissor design is perfect for large buildings, including museums and churches. The design features two sloping sides picturing a center of a large empty ceiling. It mainly needs a vast space.

King Post Trusses

The design is perfect for small buildings like houses. The chords of the invention are arranged in simple patterns and at a short distance.

The Star Steel Advantage


There are different types of steel trusses available on our website. You can check the one that aligns with your building structure. Generally, we offer trusses that fit most if not all building requirements, be it for your home, outhouse, or any other structure.

The warranty is not granted under all conditions. You can check our website and learn about the terms and conditions of the warranty to be granted.

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