Structural Steel Installation

Structural Steel Installation

Australian infrastructure has come a long way from the yesteryears when brick and timber were the major raw materials used. With the passage of time and the introduction of machinery & alloys, steel has come across to be one of the most convenient and extensively used materials for almost all sectors of the economy. In Australia, it is being used for construction purposes vastly. It is used to make fixtures, frames, trusses, joists, and other building materials. Getting the materials isn’t all, they must be fixed properly. After all, proper fitting and structure form the basis of any construction. This makes perfect installation a necessity for sturdy infrastructure. Apart from providing the best quality frames and steel parts, we at Star Steel also provide you with top-notch steel framing installation and steel trusses installation services.

Core Benefits Of Structural Steel Installation


Steel structures and installations keep your building comparatively safer than the other alternative elements. Steel is non-combustible. It can be coated for sure-shot protection from rust and corrosion. Also, it has high resistance to splintering and shattering during extreme movements.


When talking about design alignment, steel is the best material to use. It is highly bendable and malleable. You can turn steel into countless shapes of different sizes and intensities. The designs made from steel are more slender than other materials. Steel also increases the number of possible mechanisms that can be added to structures and fixtures.


Usage of steel is planet-friendly too! Over 93% of the materials used to make steel are recycled. The strength and physical attributes of steel remain intact for reuse even after recycling. Less amount of water, about 70 gallons is all that is used to prepare the desired structural steel material.


As expressed earlier steel is one of the most robust materials for construction. The wear and tear from humans, machines, and climatic activities have a lesser effect on the alloy than on other frivolous raw materials. Even if there is any damage, it can be easily repaired through welding and other modern techniques.

The Star Steel Advantage


We are maestros at Structural steel installation services but, we also have proficiency in creating light gauge steel frames, structural steel solutions, detailing, and steel supply. We are the ultimate stop for your crucial steel needs.

As mentioned earlier we have dealt with a diverse clientele hailing from both the commercial and the residential sectors. Our installations are the ideal choice for houses & shelters, factories, halls, warehouses, hangars, supermarkets, camps, schools, community shelters, railway stations, and more. Reach out to us now!

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