Light Gauge Steel Frame Detailing

Light Gauge Steel Frame Detailing

Steel is one of the most rigid materials and has different uses. It is prominent for its wide usage in the construction industry. Over the past few years, the new construction technologies have significantly evolved, using versatile materials to produce the best state of art building solutions. Light gauge steel frame construction is one such noteworthy innovation. The latest construction technology uses cold-form steel as the primary construction material. It can be used for floor systems, roof system roof panels, wall systems, and decks. For low to mid-rise construction, cold form the steel frame has become the material of choice. It is mainly due to its unique advantages like high strength-to-weight ratio and cost-effective ease to handle a wide range of profiles and sizes with no wastage.

Components of our light gauge steel frame

Load-bearing wall panels

These panels carry vertical loads from the construction above or lateral load that comes from wind in which these loads might act individually full stop it includes both external and walls.

Non-load-bearing walls

Internal walls do not support truss loads, and they are known as non-load-bearing walls. Different types of materials, including gypsum boards, metal insulated panels, and fiber cement sheets, are used depending on the climatic conditions.

Wall connections

The wall panels are generally connected by mechanical fasteners like self-drilling screws hole. All the frames feature a drilling wall to attach. For concrete floor slabs, the mounds are fixed in a place by using masonry anchors like hammer-driven nails.

Benefits of using light gauge steel framing


The steel frame is considerably lightweight, which requires a small size of the foundation. The lightweight makes it easy to handle.


Even though the light gauge steel frame is lightweight, it has power. It is one of the most crucial benefits of construction material.

Speed of construction

The structural steel frame can be erected quickly as the structural elements are prefabricated. They can be handled easily due to their lightweight.


Buildings constructed with light gauge steel frames generally have an excellent quality that is durable and also comes with low maintenance. These frames do not shrink or even suffer decomposition.

Easy to remodel

The light gauge steel frame construction can be modified easily. non-load bearing walls can be relocated, altered, or removed easily.

The Star Steel Advantage


Yes, the steel gauge frame is safe. The steel strength and noncombustible properties offer better protection for your property.

Yes, our steel frame is designed to meet or exceed the energy efficiency standards set by the government. It prevents cracks due to shrinkage or warping as our steel framing process is straight and true. It would also prevent air leaks that result in costly energy loss.

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